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My matches kept disappearing, and then I would get an error 24 hours later saying that I had missed my chance. I was able to buy coins to rematch. The error was reported and it was ignored. It looks like a scheme to get my money. When I reported the problem, the customer service was…

Support is disgusting. I was warned after I told a gay person that I was only into straights people, but we could still be friends. I was then called a transphobe. WHAT??? You have to do GUYS.NOW. Keep moving!

I used Tinder for years and although it has flaws it is 1000x the better app than Afrointroductions. On tinder I was getting between 50/100 likes per month, sometimes more & often with really attractive women. Guess how many matches I've had on Afrointroductions, an app which has been active for about 6 months.....0 :)…

Ok.. the app works. I spoke to several women and exchanged numbers.. then they stopped talking to each other.. they stop talking to each other and they never meet again.. it's strange.. they also hide their last seen details on whatsapp. I'm not sure if these con artists are paid to convince you to sign…

This app is the worst I've ever used. Parship )... is another similar useless app. It has been two months since I started using it. I swiped around 1000 profiles from different places and never received a single message from a match.

Afrointroductions is a sexist site. Women can talk as they wish, and men can test the truth. I was blocked after I asked a woman why her profile showed only head shots. It's like we don’t know, feminist crap that was a total waste of my time! !

Interracialmatch has blocked me from my account because i didn't agree with their policy of "Black Lives Matter." I have also confirmed that I agree with their zero tolerance policy regarding racism, hatred and bigotry -- both on business platforms and as a person. I believe in "ALL LIFES MATTER" but not only with "BLACK…

I would give this zero if it were possible. Con app was subscribed for one week with no contact. The subscription expired and suprise surprise got another match. I must subscribe to see the match. This is a complete scam with fake profiles. Most women are just looking to follow instagram.

It's a very corrupt and unforgiving site. Don't waste time meeting people in person. Interracialmatch is another dating app that's corrupted and out to make money. Don't waste time.

Interracialmatch profiles were more attractive than other sites because they had high-achieving women. Super-select allows you to select the Star twice more. The payment required to replace the checkmark is required. Otherwise, the match will be lost forever. The verification step does not work on wide-angle cameras, and eventually I was locked out of everything…